Thank the financial crisis for today’s partisan politics

A Bernie Sanders supporter and a Donald Trump supporter fight each other in a "Rock 'em Sock 'em" game
The historian Joseph J. Ellis describes the early days of the United States as “a decade-long shouting match” characterized by “shrill, accusatory rhetoric, flamboyant displays of ideological intransigence, intense personal rivalry, and hyperbolic claims of imminent catastrophe.”

The $100 billion tax dodge

Man in suit takes money out of net that resembles US Capitol dome
We often hear about corporate America, but rarely about “pass-through America.” Yet pass-through businesses—sole proprietorships, S corporations, and partnerships—account for 94 percent of US businesses, more than 60 percent of net business income, more than half the private-sector workforce, and 37 percent of the total private-sector payroll, according to the Tax Foundation, a tax policy research organization.

Has American productivity really slowed?

The labor productivity rate measures the amount of real GDP produced by an hour of labor. And in the United States, labor productivity has slowed sharply in recent years.