CBR Briefing #63

Mar 29, 2018

How charities can get donors to give more

  • Donors may become more generous if they feel they’re giving a piece of themselves, according to research by Minjung Koo of Sungkyunkwan University and Chicago Booth’s Ayelet Fishbach.
  • Encouraging donors to give something that represents themselves can be as simple as asking them to sign their names. In one study, the researchers asked participants either to include their names in a petition or to support it anonymously. Asked afterward how generous and committed to the cause they felt, those who were told to sign their names gave stronger responses than the anonymous group.
  • Feeling more connected to a cause can make people more likely to give in the future, the researchers find. When participants in the same study were later asked whether they would support a related campaign, those who had signed their names in the earlier petition were about six times more likely than those who had remained anonymous to say they would support another petition in the future.