CBR Briefing #64

Mar 29, 2018

How slow-motion video can sway jurors’ decisions

  • In courtrooms, juries are sometimes shown crime-scene videos to help assess the case. But video may not be a reliable indicator of a suspect’s intentions, according to Chicago Booth’s Eugene M. Caruso and his co-researchers. When footage is shown in slow motion, people are more likely to infer that a suspect’s actions were intentional.
  • Participants imagined themselves as jurors and watched a video of a robbery that ended in a shooting. Some saw the footage at regular speed, but those who watched the slow-motion version were more likely to feel the perpetrator had more time, had acted willfully and deliberately, and had the intention to kill.
  • Even when participants were told how much time had elapsed, they still sensed more intent when the video was shown in slow motion.